\LAST CHANCE/最大70%Off SALE開催中!  メンズ /  ウィメンズ
\LAST CHANCE/最大70%Off SALE開催中!
メンズ /  ウィメンズ
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とタグ付けして、2020年 9/29 -10/6 (US時間)の間に
  • Rule NO. 025
    There is no bad time to start.
    Just start already.
  • Rule NO. 002
    Productivity is for process.
    Passion is for people.
  • Rule NO. 041
    Never trust an office
    with an aquarium in the lobby.
  • Rule NO. 027
    It’s okay to let fear in.
    But don’t let it win.
  • Rule NO. 021
    Empathy is an unlimited resource,
    available to all.
    Simply tap into it.
  • Rule NO. 046
    Read a book, for crying out loud.
  • Rule NO. 003
    Want to double the value of your dollar?
    Invest in someone who needs it more.
  • Rule NO. 014
    Keep moving.
    But vary the pace as needed.
  • Rule NO. 018
    First, you gotta look up.
    Then, you gotta look around.
  • Rule NO. 024
    If we can put people in space,
    no space between us is too great.
  • Rule NO. 015
    Hold nothing sacred.
    Those relics belong in the past.
  • Rule NO. 007
    Sleep on it.
  • Rule NO. 040
    What you earned is more valuable
    than what you bought.
  • Rule NO. 042
    The benefit of the doubt should apply to everything
    but mayonnaise.
  • Rule NO. 032
    Growth is essential.
    Even for grown-ups.
  • Rule NO. 016
    Collective change requires
    individual contribution.
  • Rule NO. 033
    Become an expert.
    Then share your notes.
  • Rule NO. 008
    It’s exercise, not a competition.
    (Okay. Sometimes it’s a competition.)
  • Rule NO. 031
    It’s a phone, not your heart.
    Turn it off sometime.
  • Rule NO. 029
    Working smart and working hard
    are not mutually exclusive.
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